Higher Standard Homes

Patrick Eibs, of Higher Standard Homes, knew at a very early age that he wanted to be involved in new home construction. As a young child his family moved extensively and he would attend many open houses. It was not uncommon for Patrick to give a critique to the owner or owner’s agent upon completion of the tour. His family still jokes about the time when he was just nine years old and professed, in front of all attending, that the home had cheap doors. It was at a very young age that Patrick established the tenets for what would eventually become Higher Standard Homes.

QUALITY – Higher Standard Homes focuses on using quality materials and expecting the same from our sub-contractors. We always keep value in mind as we seek to build a quality home at a reasonable price.

AFFORDABILITY – There are many contractors building higher-end homes that are unattainable to the average buyer. Higher Standard Homes seeks to build quality homes in a price range that is affordable to a broader spectrum of the population without cutting corners.

FUNCTIONALITY – At Higher Standard Homes we strive to always design and build a home that is highly livable.

At the age of 5 Patrick decided that when he grew up he wanted to live in Bozeman, Montana. In 2002 Patrick and his wife Amy decided to buck conventionality and finally move to where they dreamed of. Now, Patrick is living his dream, building homes for families in what we all know to be "the last best place".

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