Cavallini Construction

We build homes for every budget without cutting corners. We can build a custom home which includes your personal style and influence at the same price as you could buy a similar home that is already built. This allows you to help determine the functionality, layout, and design decisions to really make it your own. We do this by planning ahead. We try to plan around your lifestyle from the beginning – that way, changes throughout the process are not as necessary. This planning stage helps keeps the process affordable. Additionally, we are realistic when discussing finishes. We will evaluate your budget and provide you with options that are not only to your taste, but also realistically in your budget.

We set a high standard of quality for every aspect of the homes we build. We have a tight network of subcontractors who also meet and exceed those standards. For example, we believe that designing a heating and cooling system for your home is an important part of the planning stage. Rather than encouraging an inefficient, albeit cheap, system, we will help you choose an affordable system that will help the efficiency of your home. We do this with every system in your home.

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