Welcome New Builders!

Kilday & Stratton Inc. intends to partner with Bozeman’s leading builders to provide home-buyers with a wide array of custom designed homes.  In The Lakes at Valley West, our goal is to have each home be as individual as the taste and aesthetics of each family, making the transition from house to home as simple as a step inside. 

Kilday & Stratton embrace the team philosophy in everything they undertake, and the exciting new development, The Lakes, is no exception.  Our builders form a critical part of The Lakes overall development strategy.

We have developed a custom-tailored program for our builder partners that will enable them to completely focus on what they do best, i.e., design and build homes, knowing there will be a reliable stream of custom-tailored lots available to them at reasonable prices and terms.  We intend to work closely with our builders to accommodate their specific lot requirements regarding lot size and type.

The Lakes has numerous marketing hooks, among them being location, proximity to schools and recreational areas as well as downtown Bozeman, Montana State University, and Bozeman Deaconess Hospital.  This community has extensive open space, an elaborate trail system and two six-acre lakes.  We have added another element which we expect will dramatically differentiate The Lakes from its competition, and that is the architectural statement of the individual housing product.  We will provide our Builders with design guidelines which will significantly differentiate The Lakes from the majority of products offered in this market and provide a cohesive feeling as the product is built, that ties the community together in a manner the competition doesn’t offer.  We envision the architectural theme to be a factor the home buyer immediately connects with and which both consciously and subliminally influences their decision to choose The Lakes.

If you are a builder with innovative ideas and creativity, contact us to discuss joining our Team at The Lakes at Valley West. 

Finding the right builders is crucial to the success of a residential development. That is why Kilday & Stratton partnered with a group of select builders that fit the style, quality and consistency that will set The Lakes apart from all other residential communities in Bozeman. Click on the builders below to learn more and see their home within The Lakes.